The Gypsy and the Pagan

I’m so excited to be expanding my services under the Sightful Sarah with my good friend and teacher, Anaiyah.

Brave Face Forward

The Real Sarah C's. The two Sarah C’s.

I’m very excited to announce a merger that is happening! My former intern and friend, the mighty Real Sarah C., and I are joining forces once again.  I met Sarah last October at my first every tea leaf reading class held at Sedona Hawaii.  She pulled her chair right up to mine, and in her candid and confident voice said to me, “Hi! I’m the Real Sarah C.  No offense to you.”    I was smitten.  Here was this powerhouse of a woman, with impeccable and articulate vocabulary, and very….real.  She was Sarah C.  She also slightly intimidated me.  I could tell that she was really tuned in, and was going to bring something to my life that I didn’t know if I was ready for. Mainly a friendship, and nothing else can frighten me more sometimes.  Especially friendships in which I know that I’m…

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