Becoming The Real Sarah C

Wife. Mother. Interpreter. Counselor, advocate, survivor. Hedgewitch & intuitive reader.

I’m an all-around awesome gal.

Welcome, E komo mai!

This is a social experiment. Or a personal experiment, I guess, because there is very little that’s social about it. Whatever. I decided to start a blog after reading the memoir of a woman who has a blog and thinking, “Maybe putting all my random musings and stories on a public forum could be cathartic for me, too.”

To say that I’m “The Real Sarah C” is not to say that I’m the one-and-only Sarah C nor that I am the most original, most genuine of the Sarah Cs. I simply mean that this project is a personal endeavor to become and to showcase my true self, free of filters, shame, or censorship. I’m here to keep it real, y’all. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Please check out my blog, now housed under the tab “Stuff Sarah Says“. You might even wander on over to “The Sightful Sarah” and see what an intuitive reader can do for you.

Mahalo nui loa,

Sarah C.


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