Real Talk: Living is hard work.

“Hey Sarah C,
I’ve really been struggling lately, emotionally. It seems like everything is bad — it’s in the news, all over, in our faces all the time. Things haven’t been going great for me personally, either. I’m stuck in a job I hate, living in a place I don’t like, and it feels like I’m not going anywhere. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Hi sweetie,

First, I’m sorry that you’re feeling stuck. Being deprived of opportunities to seek fulfillment is a major blow to one’s wellbeing. That coupled with complete existential dread over the fate of the world, and yeah, no wonder you feel like shit.

When I drew a card for you, I got the Wheel of Fortune. Years ago, I would get this card in readings often. I was in my mid-twenties and stunted. No matter how diligently, how patiently I worked toward my goals, I could never break through. I’d tried everything I could think of to work around each roadblock, but I still found my path occluded. I wasn’t just discouraged, I was despondent.

I saw the Wheel in my readings and I interpreted it to mean that destiny will out; eventually, the right moment would come along and everything would fall into place. But there’s another interpretation of this card that made much more sense. I couldn’t see it at the time, but this is what I want to share with you.

There are moments that will come to pass with or without our touch, that are outside of our control, but your fate, your life, is all up to you.

I know. What a useless cliché. But hear me out:

When you’re frustrated and feeling low, you develop mental blindspots. It looks like you’re stuck, like you can’t go anywhere or do anything differently — and in terms of your environment, that might be absolutely true. The thing that you can change, though, is your approach.

Maybe you’re not stuck. Maybe you’re just biding your time.

You have the power of choice, and right now the Wheel is asking you which you will choose: will you continue to beat your head against the wall, or will you choose a different course? You don’t have to stick around to chip away at those obstacles to your success. It’s not time to tackle those problems yet. They aren’t going anywhere — leave them alone, go do something different. Have some faith — faith in fate, if you want, but most importantly, faith in yourself — that you’ll break out eventually. You bide your time and you do the work. Work on yourself; build the tools and gain the skills you will need to dismantle those obstacles to your HEA (Happily Ever After). The state of the world is out of your hands, but you’re a resourceful person — do what you can with what you have and trust that it is bringing you closer to your moment. It’s on it’s way, I assure you.

Love and light, friend,

Sarah C


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