Of the Worldwide Rape Epidemic

My brilliant friend over at Caffffeinated makes no excuses and gives zero fucks: rape is epidemic in our society and it needs to stop. Join the conversation, stand up for what’s right, and keep moving forward.


I’m going to start by saying this is in no way going to be an all-inclusive commentary on the issues of rape. (It’s also not likely to be very well written, seeing as the subject makes me righteously and justifiably furious, which in my case can lead to incoherent writing.) I can almost guarantee I will be writing more about rape culture, abuse, etc. as it’s an important subject and effects everyone, worldwide.

However, I was prompted to write this piece specifically because of that last word. Worldwide.

A recent buzz about the rape rates and the feminist movement in India has emerged online. Women are dragging their attackers by the hair to the nearest police station, calling out the strange men slipping hands under their shirts on trains, addressing the 7.1% increase in rapes since 2010, supporting a new comic about a rape survivor and a goddess who…

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