I put a spell on you

I am always trying to become more of who I am. That is, trying to make my outsides match my insides. Compartmentalization doesn’t really work for me — I just start feeling like I’m starving one area of life while barely sustaining the others. I’m a much happier person when I allow myself to live all aspects of myself simultaneously and without shame.

The aspect that has most frequently been pushed to the wayside is my spiritual side. My psychic side. I am a believer in the truest sense, but I have dabbled in my practice over the years, having surges of interest followed by valleys of inaction. I’m trying now to undo that pattern and integrate my beliefs into my daily life. To that end, following the classes I have taken with her, I have accepted an internship with Sarah Chamberlain to help mentor other Seekers and support the development of my own practice.

What will this mean?  I will attend Ms. Chamberlain’s classes as a mentor while continuing to learn from her example. So far she has already taught me to embrace my intuition and psychic gifts, read tea leaves, and I’ve increased my knowledge of Tarot and pendulum use. I also recently expanded my knowledge of palmistry. My repertoire is really growing!



I’m also continuing to learn more about Astrology and how to create and read charts.

imageThe reason I’m writing about this on The Real Sarah C is two-fold: one, I’m really excited, and two, I’m quite nervous! I’ve done Tarot readings and palm readings for friends for many years, but always privately. I’ve never come out in public and introduced myself as a psychic — I’m still not comfortable with the term and it feels hokey to refer to myself in that way. But I recognize the power of self-identification as part of the pathway to self-actualization. Five years ago, I was similarly abashed to refer to myself as an interpreter, and I had to force myself to do it. Now, that’s what I do for a living and I couldn’t be more thrilled. So I’m going ahead and start calling myself a psychic — maybe not the kind you see in movies or on TV, but still a sensitive, intuitive individual, able to use the tools of the trade effectively and successfully. I am taking this step, announcing myself and my intentions to my friends and the Universe, in order to make my visions a reality. And I really am thrilled to find my life so full and so rewarding.


2 thoughts on “I put a spell on you”

  1. Keep on moving forward with honesty, grace, and fun! How “it” is going to unfurl, it will.

    I too keep on trying new things and improving on others. Sometimes there is a noticeable upswing, other times, not so much. One important quality is to remain true to ones self. With that, I can only believe good adventures will continue.

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