Mmm, writer’s block. Yummy.

I’ve been in a real rut lately. The depths of which I haven’t experienced in at least a year, and the lengthening duration of which scares the pants off of me. It’s a real, genuine fear of mine that I’m getting worse, and while I’ve been riding that manic depression rollercoaster, I’ve also been struggling to find ways to talk about what I’m going through in a way that is interesting and meaningful. Typically, my inner dialogue goes like this:

Me: Hey, that would be good to write about… I could word it like this and…
Meanie Me: No one gives a flying fuck about that. What makes you so special? There are literally thousands of other bloggers writing about the same thing, and they already have the audience captivated. Why would the audience want to shift and read your regurgitated nonsense?
Me: … well, I guess you’re right. What about if I were to write something about this depression I’ve been sinking into, and the manic episodes I’ve been having? It might really help me to get some of those words out and…
Meanie me: PUH-lease! How depressing. You want every entry on your blog to make people wanna slit their wrists? C’mon! Lighten up.
Me: … ok. I guess I’ll just go lay on the sofa some more.

So, in between starting to write things and deciding not to write them, I:
— ignored significant obligations pertaining to my personal finances
— worked late
— got into internet arguments
— posted irrelevant things on Twitter
— threw my friend a baby shower
— sat on the sofa
— played with my baby
Well, that’s the round-up for this month. I think April will be the “fuck-off-Facebook-I’m-leaving-you-for-Twitter-where-people’s-negative-diatribes-are-limited-to-140-characters” month. It’ll be swell.

Mary’s Little Star

And now, to begin the “Stuff Sarah Does” portion of my blog:

Mary’s Twinkle, Twinkle Baby Sprinkle

In honor of my good friend’s second daughter, due this Spring, we threw a shindig at my house. It’s the first time I’ve ever organized and hosted a shower or gathering that wasn’t entirely informal. I made things with my bare hands. All in all, I’m calling it a wild success.

2014-03-26 10.54.59

2014-03-26 11.00.00
We had your standard games and baby-shower activities, plus one that I invented to match the theme: “Name That Constellation”.

2014-03-26 11.10.03

That bottle that you see there is one of those “patience glitter bottles” that have become so popular on Pinterest. God bless my fellow Pinners, by the way. Without their inspiration, I think this party would have been a little droll.

2014-03-26 11.06.14
One of our activities for the adults and the kiddies alike: affirmation flags for Mary to have with her during her labor and delivery.

2014-03-26 12.47.292014-03-26 12.44.58
Hand-made nursery art and favors, care of yours truly.

I’m proud of what I was able to do for my friend, and grateful for all the help I had along the way to make her day special. I don’t think I’ll become a professional party planner any time soon, but on this occasion, it was rather fulfilling.